Monday, October 17, 2011

Iesha B Williams, Brooklyn Mother of 3 dies from respiratory failure 3 day's before her 35th Birthday. 10/16/77 - 10/14/11

Iesha B Williams Weddding Photo

On 10/14/11 Iesha B Williams, a married mother of 3 dies from respiratory failure; she would have turned 35 years old on Sunday 10/16/11. Her family says "she was so happy and full of life, we can’t believe she's gone". Melvin Williams, Her Husband; Said, we was just having a good time before we went to bed and in the middle of the night she had an asthma attack, I tried C.P.R but it was un successful". The ambulance rushed Mrs. Williams to Brookdale hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
R.I.P Iesha my friend so dear, how everyday I'll wish you were here. Each moment, since the day you went, in my heart I keep the time we spent. So pure, so real, is what you are and when you left, from me, you took apart. I'll forever embrace those moments we shared, you are my sister that always cared, I am with you through and through; there are things only you knew. My pain is deep, as I type I cry, I will never fix my lips to say goodbye. Forever you’re here inside of me you are my sister and will always be... Elevation Above Status by Derrick D Pringle Sr.    @Ves Intelligence

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